Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring

Industrial flooring built to withstand industrial use

Enhance your factory or plant floor with Adflex industrial flooring. Our epoxy coating provides a long lasting, hardwearing surface that withstands high traffic, as well as industrial use. We have a range of flooring options available, including an attractive, solid colour range designed for industrial use.

In addition to our flooring service, we also provide industrial cleaning. Our professional technicians are highly experienced, and utilise the best equipment to produce exceptional cleaning results. No job is too big or too small for our team, which performs a range of services, including factory sweeping, strip and polishing, carpet cleaning, micro etching for slip resistance on tile and stone, and much more.

Benefits of epoxy coated industrial flooring

There are many benefits to enjoy when you coat your industrial flooring with epoxy coating including the following:

  • Keep employees and visitors safe with designated walkways
  • Clearly indicate exclusion zones
  • Direct internal traffic such as forklifts, by indicating where people may cross and provide clear, designated areas for travel.


Our industrial clients
We work with a range of industrial clients from varied fields including factories, printers and wineries. Some of our industrial clients include:

  • Hahn Transport
  • Dowell Windows
  • Boral Masonry Plants
  • Avery Dennison
  • Solo Recycling

Our industrial flooring options:

Safety line marking

Safety line marking is usually a prerequisite in factories to meet OH&S standards. It is an important practice as it defines pathways and safe areas, and helps staff and visitors navigate safely around the site.


Coloured pathways are utilised in commercial sites to indicate specific zones. Common zones include safe or dangerous areas, pedestrian walkways and forklift working areas. Generally, a solid colour is used to signify the different areas. For example, green is often used to represent a safe pathway, while red is employed to indicate possible vehicle movement, and to proceed with caution.


In many commercial ventures, waterproofing is essential. We provide a waterproof coating that is both chemical and UV resistant. It offers exceptional adhesion and is extremely flexible, so can be used in a range of places, including rooftops and plant rooms.

Solid colour

For a sleek look, two coats of a single colour of epoxy and polyurethane are applied to the surface.


Industrial sites generally have areas that must be non-slip in order to adhere to strict Australian Standards. Our product meets all OH&S and architectural and legal requirements, and has been tested for all circumstances.

Self-level – Cement based

If you would like to rejuvenate tiled areas in your industrial property, self-leveling cement based is ideal. When coated on a brittle or uneven surface, it provides strength and levels out the grout, so you can no longer see the grout lines.

Self-level – Epoxy and polyurethane

Many industrial areas require dead flat, strong work surfaces, which is where self-leveling epoxy and polyurethane comes in. The epoxy flooring can be applied at a range of thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 10mm, depending on your requirements. The coating offers a very hard and durable surface.

Concrete repair

We provide industrial concrete repair whether it’s a minor crack, or damaged concrete caused from mechanical destruction. One area of industrial concrete repair we specialise in is freezer concrete floor. Many tradesmen don’t have the skills to perform a lasting repair, often resulting in the freezer service having to be taken offline. We understand this can be very frustrating for big companies with large freezers, which is why we provide fast and effective freezer concrete repair.

For more information about our industrial flooring, talk to our professionals by calling 08 8284 8177.

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