Poly Cement flooring Adelaide

Poly Cement flooring Adelaide

Poly Cement flooring Adelaide, with Adflex

  • Flooring solutions for Breweries. Give an impact resistant and chemical resistant floor with the ability to withstand thermal shock.
  • Polyurethane cement is durable and long lasting.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and will tolerate a damp slab. Can be applied as soon as 3 days after pour of concrete.
  • Screed to fall is also available, creating a fall so there is no standing or pooling water
  • Products available are Purcem by Sika, Hycrete by Hychem, and Ucrete by BASF.
  • We are an approved applicator for BASF Ucrete. We will provide a 10year warranty backed by BASF (Subject to site inspection and report)

The constant frustration in the coating industry is the incorrect specifying of products that aren’t fit for purpose. Resulting in failing floors and frustration. Polyurethane cement provides a construction solution for intense environments, such as:

  • Breweries
  • Wineries
  • Food processing plants
  • Abattoirs
  • Butchers

In most of these environments floors are likely to be subjected to chemicals, impact from machines, dropping tools, and thermal shock.

(The link below takes you to a video on what this flooring will withstand. We would like it on the page if possible)

Worrying about your floor is a thing of the past! Drop tools, roll barrels, use pallet jacks, drag, and scrape, spill chemicals, manufacturing products and waste. It will withstand anything you can throw at it.

Chemical resistance is a big positive. This type of flooring has been used extensively in the food industry where the production and washing down with high concentration of aggressive products and cleaning chemicals like chlorine, salt water, degreasers, vinegars, is needed to produce and provide a safe environment for the preparation of food.

Thermal shock is the expansion and contraction of a coating relative to the sub straight. If a coating is heated quickly the expansion of the coating can make it delaminate from the concrete. 6mm polyurethane cement can withstand this action, making it the best to use where hot pressure washing is necessary.

Impact resistance. All sorts of environmental and uses affect a coating. Steel wheels, high volume of traffic, continuous impact from dropping tools, hoses, machinery will make short work of any roll coating destroying it quickly and compromising hygiene and aesthetics.
Why specify Polyurethane cement?

It is the best type of flooring to have installed if durability, chemical resistance, and thermal shock resistance are a requirement.
Other variations of the same product are available however they perhaps only deal with 1 or 2 of those issues. Considering the correct specifications will save material cost if the specification matches the intended use. Call Adflex for a consult.

Installation can be very quick. As little as 8hr turn around for small areas.

A lot of it comes down to planning and preparation. We look forward to seeing your project and helping you get the best floor the industry has to offer.

Australian Food Grade Standards also include coves and arrow head installation in production areas and cool room fridge and freezers. At Adflex we are your one stop shop for your flooring project needs including coving and arrowhead installation.

Warranty. Many get nervous offering a warranty above a few years, however in conjunction with our suppliers we are so confident in the polyurethane cement product that after an inspection and statement of intended use, most minimum warranties we offer are over 10 years, with the option after this time for an inspection of the coating, and maintenance, to offer another 10 years.

Ucrete was developed over 40 years ago to deliver the strongest coating system chemistry and materials could offer. Ucrete is the original polyurethane system and boasts an impeccable track record for durability, chemical resistance, impact resistance, hygiene and safety non slip.

(The link and paragraph below is where the above paragraph has come from.)

UCRETE® Flooring Systems

Developed more than 30 years ago in Europe as the answer to the most demanding industrial environments, UCRETE® technology is the original polyurethane flooring solution that provides a powerful layer of protection for both new and existing concrete surfaces. UCRETE® stands out from the rest with a higher resin content that needs no additional sealer coat, which can wear away in time, leaving a floor porous and unprotected.
Engineered as a superior alternative to acid brick, quarry tile and coatings, UCRETE® offers unequalled resistance to physical abuse, moisture, a wide range of aggressive chemicals and bacterial growth, outperforming traditional epoxy flooring surfaces in both impact resistance from heavy traffic and ability to withstand thermal shock. The technology and the application technique have been perfected with years of experience.

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